Rock music is very popular. Even today the young generation is fond of rock music. You can hear rock music in restaurants, bars, and even at various events. If you are a writer in this niche and have lots of knowledge about rock music, then you can write for us.

We are inviting guest writers to write for our blog and make the content more appealing to the readers. We believe that if you join our team as a guest writer, you will be able to enrich our blog with more information which the readers will find useful and interesting.


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You must write original articles that are plagiarism free. The articles must be written in a conversational tone. The magazine will be read by people of all generations so you must not use any difficult terminology or jargon. You should do thorough research before writing the articles.

If you mention any news, you must acknowledge the source, because we don’t want to give our readers any false information. You should write in short paragraphs so that they are easy to read. You must come up with an attractive title for your article so that the readers feel encouraged to read it.


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You must revise the article before submission and proofread so that there are no errors. Please send your article to our team via email. We encourage you to include relevant images with the articles. We will revise the article and let you know if you have to edit it. We will inform you once it’s accepted and posted in our magazine. If you have any further queries, you can contact us. We will help you with everything. Our team is there to assist you if you need any help in writing. They will guide you so that you can maintain the standard of writing we want from our writers. Thank you for your interest. We hope to hear from you soon.