Welcome to The Bohannons. If you are a fan of rock music, then you have come to the right place. This magazine is about rock music and rock bands. You will get a detailed knowledge about the latest in rock music here.

Rock music came into the scene in the 1950s and it had immense impact on the fashion and behaviour of people. It also changed the cultural norms. Even today, rock music is very popular.

People of different generations love this music and, at any party, or night club, this music takes centre stage.

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In this magazine, you will know about the evolution of rock music. You will know about the different artists who had a great influence on this music genre. Elvis Presley, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, you will learn about them all. You will know about the instruments they use and how this music is different from the others.

Rock bands perform live performances in different places around the world. Their performances are worth watching as its not only the music, but the whole environment offers something different that you have never experienced before. This magazine is a powerhouse of rock music. You will learn a lot about this form of music and know why people love it so much.  We hope you enjoy reading it.